Monday, February 4, 2008

some kind of day

Sound carries amazingly well through my ceiling, but rather poorly through the side walls. This means I never hear my roommate's movies, but I hear whenever the upstairs neighbor is playing music or video games (beep beep boop) or laughing or stomping around. This is especially apparent at night when I'm trying to do quiet things. Like ponder the hardships of my life. On the worldly scale of life hardships, I'm probably near the easy end, but what the heck. I feel what I feel, right?

Anyway, today was SuperBowl Sunday and also my 26th birthday. I didn't really mind missing the superbowl, but trying to find a place to go eat in Newburyport with James was sort of a weird challenge. Firstly, several places closed early due to the game, and other places had lots of old people in Pats jerseys crowded around the bars and tvs. So we were the only people sitting in a tv-less room full of empty tables, hearing the people in the next room randomly cheer as we ate our fried calamari. Additionally, after dinner we had a hard time finding somewhere to go and hang out, it being Sunday evening also. We concluded that we'd have to do a lunch date next time, after I lamented all the cute/crafty stores in Newburyport that I would have loved to browse through.

My latest excitement is that I'm learning to knit! My parents gave me knitting needles for my b-day, and Sungyon taught me some of the basics, so now my goal is to get the hang of not accidentally dropping all my stitches off the needle, because I have no idea how to put it back in. The challenge of figuring out a new craft is so absorbing! I can't wait till I can make something useful!

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