Wednesday, February 13, 2008

pink frosting

I'm on a little sugar high from eating these pre-cut circular red-heart cookies I "made" tonight for v-day. They are so addictive and bad for me, and James never lets me buy them, but since I was feeling extra tired tonight and in need of some dessert for tomorrow's girl party, I bought three packages of these things. They take absolutely no effort to make (except I almost burnt one batch...) but they still somehow make you feel like you home-baked something. My laziness today can be blamed on a combination of my sandpaper esophagus and my tiny frustrating battle with solder. These two factors could make any person desert her idea of making heart-shaped cutout cookies with icing.

Speaking of the upcoming holiday, I like to keep my v-days low-key. All the hype with roses and teddy bears and jeweled bling is somehow fabricated and hollow, and nobody really has as good of a time as they think they're supposed to. Is that too cynical? I don't mean to be, but maybe v-day would be a better holiday if we shared our heart-shaped cookies with everyone. Although I'll certainly save my kisses for James. :P

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