Saturday, October 25, 2008

autumn crops

My little garden plot has transitioned into a fall garden (mainly by means of my ripping out all the old, dying plants and putting in new seeds for a fall crop), and I have noticed that things grow much slower in the cold weather! It seems to be taking forever for my miniature lettuce farm to grow me a salad.

James sneakily buried an avocado seed in the dirt one time in July when I wasn't looking. For a while the spot was hidden under the leafy jungle of the cucumber plant, but once that yellowed and withered, I discovered a mini avocado tree! I'm going to have to transplant this guy into a big pot before winter. The nighttime temps have not hit freezing yet, but they're getting close! I am more than stoked to have a bigger garden next year (I hope I get one), and I'll have whole farm for myself. It will be AMAZING!

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