Tuesday, August 19, 2008

stocked up on vitamin D for the rest of the year

And we're back! It was a whirlwind two-week vacation of Utah and California, starting with a 3.5 day visit with Brad in Provo, and while there was no wedding to attend, we did have a good time cruising around the resort town of Midway on a little scooter, and hiking up a mountain to some awesome mineral formations in the Timpanogos Caves.
Next we flew over to San Francisco, where we crashed with the lovely Angela, and in return she made us wake up early to play soccer on a Saturday morning. But we still gave our all to team Emilio, to help get one goal for the spirited team. We also watched the Giants with Sungyon and Kevin and took a long walk through gorgeous Golden Gate Park.
To be continued...

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