Monday, June 30, 2008

the crazy jungle - week 3

All this rain has done my garden well! I felt like I barely had a chance to check on my garden last week, but it rained almost every day. I went out one night to pull out some weeds, but it was already dark so I could barely see what I was doing. I was gone to NH for the weekend, but I knew that the tomato plants were bending over from the lack of support and the violent thunderstorm bursts. So today I devoted a little quality time to my garden plot - I installed some stakes and zip-tied the tomatoes to them (loosely), weeded all over the plot, and planted a bunch of new lettuce seeds. Here's the final status:

My single zucchini plant is really growing! Look at how giant its leaves are now!

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Mano Appapillai said...

Very nice Anna . .

Make sure you give them natural fertilizer abt every other week.
Cover if nights are likely to dip near freezing
Watch for pest that may attack . . worms, caterpillars, insect(under leaf) etc.
Trim off dead/rotting leaves etc