Saturday, May 3, 2008

homemade crepes and other fruits

It's totally raining outside. Of course it starts raining right on Friday morning and will continue through the weekend. Because we just can't be granted good weather on our days off. If this is some kind of challenge to strengthen our characters towards tolerance of gloomy weather, I sure hope it's working.

James and I made crepes this morning - so delicious! They're so easy to make, too. The recipe was supposed to make 9 crepes but somehow we only got four out of it. Our fillings were combinations of sugar, fresh strawberries, nutella, and jam. So delicious. Somehow, food that you cook yourself is like 100 times more tasty than food you buy. Maybe it's because you saw where it came from and watched it develop into a scrumptious bite. You get to taste the fruits of your labor both literally and figuratively. I also enjoy making non-edible things by hand, and it's endlessly satisfying. I wish I had more time to spend on crafting!

Things are slowly coming along with research. I sort of have three separate tracks in my project, which is nice because when one thing is not working out, I can work on the other two. But sometimes it gets overwhelming, like after group meeting when I have a list of suggestions and things to do, and I furrow my brow to organize it into an ordered list of tasks. Since I don't want to be a grad student forever, it is better to have a long to-do list than a blank one.

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